1.14 Village Thoughts/Criticisms


1.14 Village Thoughts/Criticisms

I have a 1.14 village, and I'm not able to get into some of the changes after multiple attempts to get the ball rolling.

Part of it is the stress that pillagers might spawn inside of it and undo everything, and I'm still unsure how to properly prevent that (build everything within a certain radius?). Even if it's buried, does another player with the bad omen potentially ruin everything by just walking over an underground village?

Part of it is that it feels super cluttered now, with heavy villager texturing, and stair blocks inside houses and stuff which I think are maybe supposed to be chairs but feels like watching a minecraft builder series on youtube – fun to look at, but not the world I want to play in, and also kind of missing the basic simplicity of Minecraft's starting slate like high resolution cow textures. I finally enjoyed the village much more when I went through and ripped out all the random trapdoors etc, and made it feel more like a blank slate to upgrade to my own skill level again, as well as had a village made of actual blocks instead of a bunch of smaller detailed items.

But another large part is that I just don't enjoy looking at all the green dudes and wondering which crafting station I want to use to just pick and choose which profession I get. It feels like just playing in creative and setting ores where you want them and such, whereas before it was about reacting to an organic world and making it work with your own application of thought. Rather than just play with the village, finding out what comes next, I'm faced with playing god and cluttering the village with items whose sole purpose seems to be to choose my villager profession, and also feel those items clutter my increasingly stressed inventory and crafting book when it serves so little actual game purpose other than to 'cheat' a system which was formally organic.

Some possible solutions:

- Villagers still take on random professions at birth/adulthood, but when deciding, they may be influenced by work stations in the village if they're greater than the villagers with that profession / unclaimed.
- Get back to Minecraft's core feeling instead of copying technical builders, and remove the clutter in naturally spawning villagers. Care more about ease of play and movement than pretty world gen.
- Give some clearer understanding of whether Pillagers are going to just spawn in our village despite all our buildup to defend it, and ruin everything. Maybe the player manually places down a pillager banner somewhere near the village and this is seen as a challenge, and draws in a raid from that point.