Burn the village down


Burn the village down

I so did some exploring around my base camp. I went past this Minecraft village with a beautiful clearing of flowers. As I passed that and had to enter a very thick forest in order to go around a few very large mountains. so after getting attacked a few times I was lost.

Anyways I finally came across a clearing and just saw a new village built into the side of one of the many many mountains. So of course I enter town and right away start stealing stuff. I took chests with ores I had 10 dimonds, 5 iron ingots, a saddle, bed and more.

Thenl I entered one building and it had a ton of book selves and I thought to myself I want those, I started cutting them down. But somehow one villagers was hit in the process, I didn't even noticed this. But I did notice the large iron golem looking at me threw the window of this house.

Then I slowly walked out and right away realized he was following me, trying to hurt me. It didn't took long before he got me and needless to say I lost everything.

Now what? I'm going to gear up and go back and burn the village do to the ground with villagers and golems in it!