Flintfire Minecraft Server


Flintfire Minecraft Server

Titan Points, Spend Titan Points here for services, items, and ranks.
You receive +1 Titan Point for each hour of gameplay.
/titan – Shows the number of Titan Points you have.

/f createwarp
– Faction admins with Journeyman rank can set two faction warps.
/f create – Players with Journeyman rank can create new factions.
/f join – Join a faction if you're invited or the faction is open.
/f warp – Teleport to a faction warp if one is available.
/f list – View a list of all factions on the server.
/f help – Read all about factions.
Grief Prevention

Although griefing is allowed, there are three ways to protect against it:
Factions allow land to be protected.
Put a sign on a chest to protect it.
Use a golden shovel
Right-click opposite corners of land that is at least 10×10 blocks to protect it from griefing.
You receive +2 blocks you can protect for every hour of gameplay up to 1000 blocks.
Type /shovel for a golden shovel and some string – 1 day cooldown.
Use string to check land ownership.
/f home – Teleport to faction home, set using /f sethome which has a 5 minute cooldown.
/back – Teleports you to where you died, or your previous location – 6 hour cooldown.
/tpa – Requires Seeker rank – Request to teleport to a player – 5 minute cooldown
/f warp – Teleport to a faction warp if the faction admin has added one.
/home – Teleport to your re-spawn location, set using /sethome
/trapped – Frees you if you're trapped – 8 hour cooldown.
/spawn – Teleport to the server's spawn area.
Portals near /spawn
The Nether (laggy and will be replaced with a custom biome-world with the items offered by the Nether)
The Highlands – Flight-enabled world with Giants and the Nordic biome.
Safetown – PVP-free, mob-free area for homes and shops.
Shop sanctuary – Server shop area.
Self-healing spleef arena.
Training/info area.
PVP arena.
You can create chest-based shops with signs. (PhysicalShop plugin).
Hold gold ingot or diamonds and right-click a shop sign to buy
If a shop allows you to sell, hold the item to sell instead.
There are no money points as it's item-based.
Miscellaneous Details
Throw chicken eggs at most mobs for a chance to capture them in spawn eggs for re-spawn later.
Lava bucket is disabled. Ask an admin if you'd like lava to be poured in your base.
The area around /spawn and most portals are protected from PVP.
Type /kit once per hour for some wood tools, bread, and torches.
The server is on Hard so it is possible to die of starvation.
/seen – See when a player was last on.

No cheating.
No verbal abuse.
No profane topics.
You can trick players or lie to them but keep it civil.

FlintFire is available 24/7 and is currently hosted by BeastNode, currently using the Ghast package.

Ranks are available via the Titan Points store. You must purchase the ranks in order, so you can't save up for a particular rank while skipping the ranks before it. Here are the ranks:

Journeyman – 50 tp – Can make faction warps, some kits, no chat cooldown
Seeker – 100 tp – Random teleports to a location within 5K of /spawn, (coming soon) make faction jails, morph into a pig, more kits.
(coming soon) Hero – Can set two homes, go to the /hero area, some mob spawning, more kits, ???