Top 7 Minecraft Servers With Different Themes


Top 7 Minecraft Servers With Different Themes

All minecraft players need to join a specific server when it comes to enjoy multiplayer mode. For such a task, they need to access multiplayer mode first and then add the minecraft servers. After adding the server they are capable of enjoying it as they want. When you are going to access a server first time then you need to download specific data files. These files can help you in running the game perfectly and making lots of things easier. Now I'm going to mention some major servers.

- Potter World MC

When anyone accesses the Potter World MC server then first of all he or she will see a boy. The boy is engaged in a battle with dementor. All these things are creating surroundings similar to the Hogwarts. After it, there are specific buildings appearing in the front. These buildings are completely furnished from inside. Here, the players are able to know that how to produce potions. With it, you are able to enjoy quidditch in this server.

- Extreme Craft

Extreme craft is one of the most popular minecraft servers. It is based on different types of elements such as – various modes, creativity and so on. The players can enjoy following modes.

- Survival mode
- Factions
- Skygrid
- Skyblock
- Acid Island
- Skywars
- Eggwars
- Hunger games

All these modes can help you in spending a great time and gathering best gaming experience. In case you are interested in enjoying the role playing concept then it can be possible here.

- MC Middle Earth

Individuals those are a big fan of “Lords of the Rings” movies they definitely pick this particular server. In the server, the interested ones are capable of enjoying similar kind of content in the minecraft form. The server is designed with the addition of lots of things and tries to provide completely real feel.

- The Mining Dead

Many people are engaged in watching TV shows and reading comics. Some of these are a big fan of The Walking Dead kind of content. In case you are one of these then you definitely love such server. Here, the players need to find out the best weapons in virtual world and defend the undead characters.

- WesterosCraft

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows. With the assistance of WesterosCraft server, the interested ones can easily enjoy it in the Minecraft. By joining such server, the individuals need to put efforts for becoming a kind and rule the Westeros.

- Hypixel

By considering this particular server, the users are able to get entertained with different types of mini games. If you are going to check out the quality of server then it contains the high quality. Due to it, you can enjoy the content without any kind of issues.

- Mineplex

For enjoying lots of things, you should pick Mineplex. It is counted in the top minecraft servers and providing content related to various elements such as – first person shooter games, painting and so on. These are some major serves available for the multiplayer content.